Monday, October 19, 2020



While nearly every home today plays host to an array of electronic devices, it is not the widescreen TVs, sound systems, lights, tablets, or the PC that account for the bulk of a home's energy expenses. 

It's heating and cooling!

The average expenses for heating a home with oil in the US for the heating season of 2018, for instance, was estimated to be $2,278. With oil continuing to rise in price, it looks like it's going to be even more costly. 

High R-Value

Spray foam has/an average aged R-value of 6.0 per 1-inch thickness (depending on the particular formulation and application), enabling it to produce more thermal resistance with less material than any other commercial insulation. Spray Foam systems are often used to insulate and preserve various residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Consumers have declared monthly energy and utility savings of more than 50%.

Prevents Air, Moisture, and Gas Leaking and Infiltration

As much as 40% of a building's total energy loss is due to air infiltration. Fiberglass insulation is stapled or placed into the wall cavities and does not seal the stud and wall cavities. Air infiltration can cross through these gaps, making it far less effective than Spray Foam. 

Spray Foam not only adheres to but forms to the walls and floors to create a secure seal and insulating boundary that stops this air leakage. SPF also boasts the highest R-value per inch than any other commercial material (upwards of R 7.0, compared to Fiberglass at R 3.5), making your home more comfortable and less costly to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Since Spray Foam acts as an air barrier, it also reduces moisture infiltration, which is a source of hazardous mold and mildew growth in the home, causing critical health difficulties. So save your family and save money at the same time with Spray Foam home insulation systems. Moisture infiltration can also cause structural destruction to your home or building. 

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